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3 Reasons Rochester is an Ideal City for Retirees

Thursday, October 31, 2019   /   by The Property Girls Team.

3 Reasons Rochester is an Ideal City for Retirees

Thinking about where you’d like to settle down for your Golden Years? Look no further than Rochester, NY! Although Rochester is a city, many residents liken it to a “tight-knit” community. The people are friendly, the vibe is calm, and you get to experience all four seasons. The fall is exceptionally beautiful. It’s an amazing place for older adults to call home. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose the city for your Golden Years:

Retirees in Rochester Are Never Short on Things to Do

With all the extra time you can expect to have on your hands during retirement, it’s important to pick a place that has plenty of things to do. If this sounds good to you, you’ll be happy to hear there’s no shortage of things to enjoy in Rochester. First, the city has a great restaurant scene - so you’ll never go hungry no matter what you’re in the mood for. The city’s signature dish, “The Garbage Plate,” was even featured on Man Vs. Food. The variety is great, but what makes going out to eat an exceptionally great experience in Rochester is the level of service. Servers and staff at restaurants in the city are famously friendly. There are also many golf courses to play on, year-round music and art festivals, and nearby farms for apple and pumpkin picking - which is a New York State tradition. 

Rochester is Extremely Affordable for Retirees

Money is, of course, a major concern among retirees. Without your career income, you will need to carefully plan your finances to ensure your money takes you as far as possible. The good news? Rochester, by almost all accounts, is a very affordable place for retirees to spend their Golden Years. If you’re in the market to buy a house, you’ll be happy to hear that home prices in Rochester fall far below national averages, and important spending categories like groceries and healthcare are also much more affordable in the city. Additionally, Rochester offers a homestead exemption for eligible older adults. This can produce extra savings. Your real estate agent can help you determine your eligibility for this exemption.

In terms of taxes, Rochester has a favorable environment for retirees. Social Security income is not taxed, and any withdrawals you make prior to retirement are only partially taxed. Also, public pension income is not taxed, and private pension income is partially taxed. If you plan to continue working for the next few years, you will benefit from the state's relatively low-income tax (about 5%). 

Retirees Can Choose From a Variety of Living Options in Rochester

Living the lifestyle you want in a city you love should be a top priority for retirement, but sometimes, buying and owning a home outright during your Golden Years isn’t a great option. Your needs will undoubtedly change, and you may ultimately require different living arrangements to accommodate these changes. 

The idea of managing an entire home could be overwhelming for some retirees. If you feel you fit into this category, you should ask your real estate agent about an active adult living community. These “55-plus” communities offer many amenities - including fitness centers, organized social activities and transportation options. Living in one of these communities typically requires payment of extra fees, so be sure to discuss these fees with your real estate agent prior to deciding on any given community.

If at some point, your health and mobility need change to the point where you cannot live fully on your own, you can consider moving into an assisted living facility. There are many highly-rated communities in the Rochester area - each offering amenities for seniors who need help with activities of daily living - which can include bathing, dressing, managing medications, and keeping up with general housework. 

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